Review of the Superman Slot Machine

We doubt that there is anyone on Earth who is unfamiliar with the Man of Steel. After all, it affects people all around the world. The DC Comics superhero character has been around since 1933. Also, he pops up in other media besides comic books. He has appeared in a wide variety of media, including feature films, video games, and television shows. The hero, in his signature blue suit with the red and yellow ‘S’ emblem, certainly stands out. Some of his more well-known superhuman abilities are flying, infra-red and microscopic eyesight, super-strength, and invulnerability to attacks that don’t involve magic. Superman has been the inspiration for a number of slot machine games. However, among the options, this one from NextGen Gaming stands out as a top pick. The visuals and gameplay are both of a very good standard.

The Arrival of Superman

In terms of the UI design, you’ll notice that there are five reels visible at any given time. There are four separate rows that connect them, making for a slightly more spacious arrangement than usual. Against a Metropolis skyline, these reels are clearly visible. The reels are where you’ll locate all the different symbols. Clark Kent’s glasses, a punching fist, and a smashed wooden crate are all examples of the first type. There are two more symbols, representing Metropolis itself and The Daily Planet’s headquarters, respectively. Finally, Lois Lane and Lex Luther represent two more emblems. These are the fundamental images used in the game.

To complement these elements, the designer has included a total of 50 pay lines on which to place your bets. Bets, however, will always be placed across 50 lines, and there is no way to change this. However, the amount you wager each round is something you have control over. The up and down arrows on the left side of the screen are used for this purpose. Bets range from as little as £0.01 per line to as much as £2 per line with these. You have the option of placing a maximum total stake of £100. There’s also a ‘Bonus Bet’ button off to the right of the main gaming board. If you press this, we’ll add £20 to your wager and explain how this button works in a moment.

Devastate the Columns and Reels

Extraordinary extras are often included in superhero video games, which is one of their many selling points. The game’s wild emblem is the first of its unique features. Superman himself appears as a wild symbol, replacing any other symbol on the reels to help you win. Only the scatter and bonus icons are exempt from this restriction. In addition, whenever wild icons contribute to a winning combination, your payout is increased by a factor of two. If you get five of these to appear on an active pay line, you’ll be rewarded with 10,000 coins.

The free spins bonus round is activated automatically if the wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. There will be a total of 10 free spins awarded, with a random expanding Superman icon appearing on any reel during the bonus round. This enlarged emblem can act as a multiplier for all wins, increasing the payout by a factor of up to five.

The ‘Save the World Feature’ can be activated while playing with the Bonus Bet. The superhero’s logo serves as a special bonus symbol. It pays out regardless of where it shows up. In order to access the bonus feature, you must land at least three consecutively spinning symbols. In this supplementary feature, Superman destroys missiles while flying through a meteor shower. There are monetary benefits to doing so. After he reaches Earth, you’ll have to choose between three doors made of lead. Both finding the hostages and Lex Luthor will get you a monetary reward.

Closing Statement

Can anything top a game based on a well-known cultural phenomenon, such as superheroes? We don’t think so. NextGen Gaming’s Superman product is quite enjoyable. The stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and impressive extras make this a fun and accessible gaming option.






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